Hi. We are the myBranding, A Design and Branding Agency with presence on Miami. Feel free, meet our logo design projects, The site is yours!

The myBranding is a Logo Design Miami company whose existence is firm at will to create and / or recreate other brands.

We do not undertake only solve the problem but to ensure the generation of good results in the short and long term.

We believe that to obtain positive results there needs to be good communication between both parties. So we want our customers to assimilate our speech as the road to success, and this only possible through the exchange, a dialogue that exposes our transparency of ideas and goals.

Our professional belief is stuck on three key terms: Honesty, good relationship and transparency. These terms are the foundation of our team in the realization of any project, adhering to the customer’s problem as our and treating it as such.


The management optimizes and enhances your business, product, brand or institution. Creating a brand is only the first step, after this, is necessary to manage efficiently and organised in order to stand out in the market, offering a solid, pleasant and intuitive structure for the customer and establishing a better relationship with the same.



In a world with so much visual information scattered in the streets, on television, and of course the internet, it is essential to the development of a logo to represent your brand, the name of your company. Even with so many sites that have some features that help in creating a logo for free, the technique behind the creation of a graphic.. logo design miami.



Like the old and popular proverb says: “A Picture is Worth than a Thousand words.”. An picture can be understood by anyone, in the entire world. It’s an universal language. From this, it is important to link an image to a brand, through logos, typefaces, icons, and any kind of visual element.



Every internet page (blog, website,e-commerce, electronic catalogue) need tools and resources that optimize the usability and offer the best experience for who visit it. Through SEO techniques, we can increase the quality of a internet page, in a professional way. web design miami.


We are creating and recreating new brands.

explore Logo Design Miami and our latest projects below.
Logo Design Photographer Branding Photography

Logo Design Photographer Branding Photography

Logo design beauty parlour Business cards

Logo design beauty parlour Business cards

Logo Design Law Firm Lawyer Abogado

Logo Design Law Firm Lawyer Abogado

Logo Design Branding Cake Bakery

Logo Design Branding Cake Bakery

As the Branding and Design can consolidate your brand.

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