Brand Floor

The myBranding is a company whose existence is firm at will to create and / or recreate other brands. Through our knowledge we aim to not only meet the needs of our customers, but also offer an exchange of knowledge in support of education for branding and its advantages.

Our team is concerned with obtaining the technical and more updated features, because that way we are always prepared to address and circumvent the various types of obstacles that a brand can have.

We do not undertake only solve the problem but to ensure the generation of good results in the short and long term.

We believe that to obtain positive results there needs to be good communication between both parties. So we want our customers to assimilate our speech as the road to success, and this only possible through the exchange, a dialogue that exposes our transparency of ideas and goals.

We tread a path in order to reach the maximum of our target audience using sophisticated and innovative methods. We believe that the most efficient way to be recognized is offering a differential to the customer.

Satisfaction is essential not only for our recognition as a team / company / brand but for reliable future customers and our growing experience with different types of projects.

We are concerned about more than just using innovative methods, but in making use of these methods at the time and in the right way. The case study is essential for the best results become a constant reality.

Our professional belief is stuck on three key terms: Honesty, good relationship and transparency. These terms are the foundation of our team in the realization of any project, adhering to the customer’s problem as our and treating it as such.


Brand Promise

The actual efficiency of a work / service is due not only to customer satisfaction , because for this to occur it is necessary that the work has been well done. In this regard, we care delivery, this, in turn, divided.

In the first part of this delivery are the services (design, branding, visual identity etc.), all made by a lot of research, knowledge and experience to maintain the desired quality.

Maintained the quality, we enter in another part of the delivery, this yes, related to the time after the completion of the work. Part depends on the other so that with customer satisfaction we are aware of our staff efficiency, customer confidence as well as our own staff towards the methods used and affection.

Each of these steps builds the stairway of our brand in the market, adds knowledge and experience, which in turn complement and represent the values ​​of My Branding.

These are interconnected details defining our personality through resources and audiovisual media in our colors, textures, shapes, icons and posture toward our audience.


Brand Idea

Our reason for being, goals and ideals are based on the adequacy of Branding and its tools according to customer needs. Find the perfect solution for the problem with creativity, communication, sharing across multiple channels, teamwork, and of course, good management.

This is the path we follow, what sets us apart and reference, in view of the recognition as generators of solutions.


Brand Positioning

Inspired by the case of our customers , we believe that our success should move with the customer feedback. We believe and embrace their causes and goals as our order to find the best solution to the problem.

Solve a problem does not mean specifically get results. With this mind, we focus on helping, educate our clients before, during and after service. With every project we learn and develop new well-founded methods , which adds versatility and quality to our team .

Educating for Branding is how we improve the market. Deconstruct the obvious, creating the new, always with honesty, transmitting our confidence and commitment to their cause.


Brand Personality

We at My Branding, we have adopted the idea of ​​keep us tuned in market innovations, reinventing methodologies, techniques and tools. We do not expect to just run a service, but know, create, recreate and care.

We set off fearlessly into each new project, facing reality, being true to the difficulties of each problem. We share our experience and knowledge, a new event means new possibilities, challenging welcome to our experience, knowledge and creativity.


Brand Behavior

Our reason for being is intrinsically linked to the solution of your problem, this then gained through a lot of interaction, communication from the service until the beginning of the service, regardless of project: cases, eco- design, website, branding, social networking.

Deconstruct the obvious, creating the new reaching their mark wherever you are. Our professional vision makes us have a responsibility to educate for Branding. The market, even the general public, need to be prepared for the numerous advantages provided by this incredible marketing tool.

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