1 - What exactly do you sell as your service?

Focusing the identity of a brand through design techniques, regardless of the size of the company, in order to promote the image of the same in a professional, original way and in the long run. (Request a budget filling out this briefing)

2 - How much is the service?

The values vary according to the needs and complexity of each project. A project is created from a planning wich target to qualify and get the real goals of a determinated project. As the last question, every job is done in order to promote the image and brand of the company, in the long run

So how to plan a project is not a fast work, draw up a budget for the same also is not. It’s important to know that we need to get the most as possible of relevant information to make a good budget that will be proportional to the job that has to be done, taking into account the real needs of the project.

3 -Can you start my project today?

Probably not, once that it’d interfere in the status of others jobs that have to be completed, each one with your own terms and deadline.

4 - When do I get my project?

As the price, the deadline also has to be proportional to the complexity of each kind of job. The ideal is to be able to finalize the project exactly as requested, and for that to happen there needs to be tuned and contact between both parties involved.

However, there’s a base about a month to simple projects, what may be a short time in comparison to the fact that the project will help the company in long run.

5 - What do I get in the final of the project?

At the end of the project, that was prepared for delivery to the client, the same is sended the proper files, both originals and/or PDF files, as well as stationery materials and versions of visual signature.

At the final of the project, that was done by qualified professionals, the project is delivered with all necessary and relevant documentation, as well we can remind that the client has totally support during all the process of development of the project.

6 - How is the process of development of the project?

There’s a timeline to be followed faithfully in order to meet the deadlines from the planning of the budget.

The timeline proceeds with the following steps:

01 – Meet the client;
02 – Basic understanding of Project (initial questionnaire);
03 – Sending of the budget;
04 – Complete understanding of project (supplementary questionnaire);
05 – Approval and first payment;
06 – Research;
07 – Elaboration of ideas and concepts;
08 – Drawing tests;
09 – Layout presentation;
10 – Approval and/or review;
11 – Final payment;
12 – Delivery of files.

7 - Do you pick up outside of United States?

Yes, actually the internet allows me to contact clients even from others countries. The virtual environment composed by email, Skype and phone is so usefull as practial because it allows me to keep contact with the cliente so both parts are able to follow all the process.

8 - Would you indicate me another pro?

Certainly, in the case of the project require an specifc technical or structure, wich I don’t have, I’ll be able to indicate an appropriate professional for this purpose

9 - To what extent can you help me in print?

Yes, we print some materials, other materials can not do, will indicate a Print Company to do so.

10 - What is brand identity manual?

The brand identity manual is a documentation that we give to the client in order to help him after he got a brand and identity design projetct The content involves technical standards as well as recommendations and specifications for better utilization of brand identity