Logo Brand Website Design San Francisco, CA

Logo Brand Website Design San Francisco, CA

Branding is the set of formal elements that visually represents, and in a systematic way, a name, idea, product, company, institution or service. This set of elements usually be based on the logo, a visual symbol that complements the color codes, print shops, in graphics, in characters, personalities and other components that reinforce the concept being communicated through this image as the slogan or Tag lines that fulfill this role. Briefly the Visual Identity is the magnified image marca.1

The making of a visual logo or a symbol able to represent the institutional signature of the company should be established through a technical document to which the named designer of the visual identity manual. This document serves to establish technical standards and criteria of the trade mark in various mounting brackets current level of technology such as: graphic media (print) and electronic media (interfaces).

We create Logo design and visual identity for Brazilian company Hitech Web.

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