The Voluntarielas is an awareness and social mobilization project that aims to reach as many young people in society and provide education about sexuality, posture, violence against women and other issues that are part of the current adolescent world .

We believe in the power of education as a key to social evolution. Not just academic education is important but also that which comes from home, or so it should.

There are many taboos present in the mentality of today’s society, especially young people. Such taboos are the main progenitors of many past problems for these young people, who often beyond these false precepts do not have someone to talk and discuss about it, not even at home.

Why do we exist ?

The social neglect, both in education and in public health and the lack of incentives for government agencies, for example, through the media, end up becoming the biggest problem and is the reason for our project to exist.

So we take the initiative to the front to get to where the government does not arrive, where even the closest can not be sufficient to help a young woman who has suffered any kind of abuse.

What do we want?

Our goal is wide and filled with methods developed in order to support so many young people who need and others who crave being supported somehow. We propose debates that expose the current reality of society so that they know the setting in which they are included as well as discover their role in it.

We believe that the best way to combat problems such as violence against a woman is through education , female public awareness. A young defenseless is that who do not know their rights and duties in society, who does not know his own body, ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

All these factors build the vulnerability of young women today’s society. We want to reduce this vulnerability so that these same young insecure and uninformed about society and life as a woman, so that they become aware about their own abilities, fight for their own safety and rights, and lead the decisions in life.

What do we want achieve?

Our purpose extends to social level with regard to lower the rate of teenage pregnancy as well as STDs contributing to these young people being protagonists of their changes. Expand our cause in order to build a more prepared youth, conscious and open to adopt our cause in the future.


The Promise

Our methods are always conducted to the contact with the audience, because we believe that we need to convey confidence being present front of such victims of society and, in some cases, their need for education.

We apply our methodology through chats with teens, self defense classes feminine ‘s workshop, lectures and a lot of communication and feedback reports. The effectiveness of our project depends on the interaction between both parties.

We focus on feeding the desire of overcoming, self-esteem, self-confidence that in many cases is shaken, depriving the girl of having joy, happiness for herself. We want to help them to recognize the freedom they have to love themselves, to see beauty itself safely.


The Idea

The essence of our work is to break taboos and false precepts of female youth, with education as the main tool. The aim is to contribute to the reduction of several problems and doubts present in adolescence.

With our joint mobilization we dream to collaborate for a better society and that young people become more confident about themselves. Our work lives for the sake of an informed youth.


We seek to promote an egalitarian approach, showing the girls achieved by the project that they are not alone. We wish to convey trust and confidence necessary for young people know deal with the problems of their life in adolescence, often involuntary

Through awareness we can offer positive results achieved by the interaction of facilitators with the girls, with the dream of make them strong girls who will be strong women in the future.


Brand Personality

Our goal is idealized in favor of female bonding. We understand that many young people are not comfortable talking about complicated matters for themselves, so we make use of a dynamic contact, interaction based on sincere dialogue, honest, friendly as well as strong and well established.

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