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 With the massive increase of the importance of internet marketing, it is imperative that a company has its own website and to visit it should be as profitable as the trip to the store to the customer.

In some cases, there are companies that work exclusively online, but regardless, the importance of the website is the same.

What the client wants to find when accessing the website of a company?

The answer to this question is very broad because there are many possibilities, ranging from the need to hire a service or buy a product to a customer complaint concerning any manufacturing defect until the delivery.

Among the main topics considered during the preparation of a site are:



The first thing that the client will find when he access the website will be exactly the “face” of the website, what is, logically, the face of the company. From this, the team responsible for creating the website will pay attention to the key visual factors. Advertisements that virtually leap off the screen, unreadable fonts and fancy colors are some of the main errors found in various sites on the Internet.

These errors annoy the visitor , who probably will not want to stay much longer at that site. Good navigation is one that does not harm the eyes, which invites the customer to want to know more about the company or the products and services.


As previously mentioned , the reasons for the customer to access the site can be many. Therefore, it is essential to have figures, and in some cases even videos products; clear information on delivery times, prices and payment methods; a FAQ page to answer any problem the customer may have found with the products/services contracted with questions and quick answers to key topics, and of course, an email contact in the case of the solution depend on other alternative.


With the increase in web design techniques, many features and tools have been developed to improve access to any site, make it more dynamic. These features range from online support via chat to more specific measures as basic animations and videos of certain products or even the company, as a kind of teaser.


Just as web pages are subject to common failures and errors in the virtual world, the process of creating a website is very important as far as maintaining a periodic maintenance.

With this service , your company will have a space much more optimized on the Internet, leaving aside the misconception of being just a web page. Do not forget that we are talking about the “face” of your company. Since the saying “First impression is the one that is” therefore not worth risking your customer have a difficult and unpleasant navigation.

The customer experience on the site is what allow him to know more of the company and products without even leaving home, essential factors for him get confidence in all the available information.

For this to be effective, the site can not be just a page filled from misplaced information, which responds slowly to clicks and possible failures that confuse and complicate the client’s business experience.

The use of a CMS such as WordPress is very important for management of the website. We use and recommend using WordPress.

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