WooCommerce Make your website a Virtual Store

Despite the name somewhat unusual, the WooCommerce is one of the plug- ins for sites created on WordPress platform more reliable and successful platform in history.

By using this feature , you will be turning your WordPress page into a true Virtual Store with all the essential functions that a virtual store needs to have. It brings a more professional – commercial nature to the page.

The advantages of using Woocmmerce application are diverse, but the main are certainly ease of use , possibility of settings and integration with several other extensions.

The only point that might be the least possible negative is the fact that the application come standard in English. However , simply download the required language package on the same site of WordPress so you can use it in any language other than English

If still not please the translation , the application allows integration with extensions compatible with various operating systems to perform the necessary edits , if necessary .


Product Management

Once you add the plugin to your site, you will access a page that serves as a catalog of all the products marketed on your page   On this page will be available all important information about the product in the same organized format already known WordPress .


It features a multifunctional system so that suit any kind of product / service being marketed in the page.

Payment methods

If you were using another application to turn your page into virtual store probably need the help of various extensions by Developer not sure about the compatibility .

The payment function via Paypal is already set by default , however, the WooCommerce itself has an extension store to be integrated into the page, and through it you can install plug- ins that add other forms of payment such as Stripe.


There is a page with all the data of the transactions so you can have full control of what was sold .



You can create campaigns and special coupons to boost digital marketing its brand relying on discounts, special conditions, specific dates among other forms


Shipping options

The freight is a very important issue , and often decisive for the client to finalize the purchase. It can configure both the free shipping as for other values Again , if the defaults of the plug -in are not sufficient enough access to extensions store and find many others that help in organization and management.


If you want your website to become more than a company page but also a shop , certainly the WooCommerce is the most practical platform , accessible and reliable to meet expectations.

Its interface is simple but not incomplete . The integration with the platform and the various extensions available in the store are very handy when there is need for a given configuration.

Have your organized and inviting store to your customers. Efficient store is not only one in which the client can complete a purchase , but that the company can administer and manage their costs and profits



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