WordPress Free & Professional

Being one of the platforms for creating web pages most successful in the history of the internet, it is a great alternative for those who need something already pre- shaped and free of charge .

With little more than a decade is aimed at those looking for a more serious layout, a more professional air to your page .   This is one of the main differences compared to competing platforms.



The WordPress works based on PHP , but already has several templates ready to customize the look of the page. Thus, there is not a whole need for code changes , both PHP and HTML .

Even the standard WordPress layout already conveys a sense of confidence on the page. The elements are well arranged and functionality respond well to commands. This format makes the page’s usability easier to understood intuitive platform .

Ease of editing

In the needing of editions on site content , once again the platform stands out for permits wants it done in any device with internet , and it ranges from computer to smartphones .

extra features

It also offers a number of free plug- ins that bring a wide range of different features to your site Calendars , polls, integration with social media like Facebook , Twitter and YouTube , integration with Google Maps , images galleries among many other features .

Access Levels

nother important feature of WordPress is the possibility to create multiple users by assigning them different access levels. This prevents an unauthorized person to make unauthorized changes to the page .


Because it is an open source platform for all , in case there is need to make a specific change in the structure of the site, the same can be done directly in the source code . With a team that has expertise in PHP programming and / or HTML, there is total capacity of reconfiguration.


With all these features , WordPress becomes the perfect platform for companies and brands who work seriously and want it to be transmitted to your audience , and allow full access for developers modify to your liking the page structure.



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